Starting in 2014, Jay (the 'Jay' in Jay Gardens) was hired by The Voelker Orth Museum, Bird Sanctuary and Victorian Garden to manage and redesign their extensive gardens.  The Voelker Orth is a New York City landmark located in Murray Hill, Queens that preserves a German immigrant family’s 1890s home and garden.  Part of Jay's mission at the Voelker Orth is to give the sometimes wasteful Victorian garden sensibility a modern touch of eco-friendly sustainability and design. 



In the fall of 2016 the museum went through it's biggest design change to date when a privacy hedge of Leyland Cypress trees fell ill and had to be replaced.


Notice the browning branches throughout the crowns of the trees.  A tell-tale sign of a common cypress disease.

Before we installed the new design, we had to remove all thirteen of these 30' trees. not an easy task!

The objective of the new design was to create privacy with a more diverse planting scheme

We are excited to watch the new garden grow!  Patience is definitely a virtue.